Rennes School of Business (Rennes-SB) in Rennes, France

Located near the French coast, Rennes School of Business is a great study abroad option for third-year BME participants. Both for students looking to experience a new culture and those who wish to improve their French skills. With a finance based course load, the programme of Rennes School of Business provides students the opportunity to have a year of more specialized courses.
Rennes School of Business
Rennes School of Business offers highly specialized business courses. With unwavering focus, it provides a quality education to students while teaching them the value of focus and thoroughness.


At Rennes School of Business, third-year BME students follow the programme "International Bachelor Programme in Management" consisting of the following courses:
  • International Human Resources Management
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Fundamentals
  • International Negotiation Skills
  • Business Ethics
  • Strategy
  • Distribution and Channel Management
  • Marketing Metrics 
  • Salesmanship and Sales Force Management
  • Merchandising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • French Language
  • Bachelor Dissertation – Junior Expert
  • Final Internship (8 weeks)


Apart from the variable transportation costs students incur when travelling to and from their home country, the following 2 cost estimates need to be considered for participating in BME's third year:
  • the cost of living near the third-year partner institution​
  • the yearly tuition or application fee of the third year-partner institution
Estimates of the cost of living near Rennes School of Business vary with the specific student's lifestyle, but a typical figure is between € 600 and € 650 per month.

Rennes-SB's application fee for academic year 2017-2018 is € 90.


For the third BME year also, the quality of the student accommodation significantly contributes to a participant's overall experience. Therefore, again carefully research housing options before committing to a selection and always visit the accommodation before sending a first deposit or signing the contract. Specifically for exploring accommodation possibilities near Rennes School of Business:
  • see excellent pointers on Rennes-SB's "Accommodation" webpage  
  • search the web and browse the many relevant Facebook groups for student housing listings
Hall of Rennes School of Business
To apply to Rennes School of Business for your third BME year, use this "I apply online" form and anticipate the following requirements:
  • Mandatory documents:
    • CV
    • covering letter
    • full school report with grades of the final two years of secondary education
    • photo
  • Telephone interview with the Programme Manager
  • Admissions Panel
  • French “Baccalauréat” or equivalent at beginning of the academic year
  • English Level: TOEFL 50 IBT, IELTS 4.5, TOEIC 500 or native English-speaker
  • For non-native French speakers: a French language test (equivalent to DELF B2 minimum)
To locate Rennes School of Business on an interactive map, visit the BME World Map. For coordinates to enquire about the BME programme in general, refer to the Join Us page. For questions specific on attending Rennes School of Business as part of BME, feel free to email Juliet Armand (juliet.armand@rennes-sb.com).